spoon world

spoon world

POV, in the wake of a seemingly cute attempt to have breakfast outside, you and your partner are locked out on the balcony of an Airbnb for two, possibly three hours in your pyjamas with no phone, no shade and apparently, no dignity

do you:

1. simply sit and wait in cool serenity for the fairies to show up and magic you away, as is to be expected

2. cry out! holler to the people! beckon and lure a dog walker into logging into your Airbnb account (after 20 mortifying minutes or so of going through various possible email addresses and passcodes), send a plea to owner for help 🫠

3) free the ribbons from the inside of your nightdress and use the spoon from your cereal bowl to fashion a tool that somehow, after some time, unlocks the (fortunately old school) door from the outside

4) all of the above?

5) none of the above? because only a Fool would believe in fairies and use ribbons and spoons to open locked doors